About GWP

The Gila Watershed Partnership was founded in 1992 to improve the Upper Gila Watershed of Arizona. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Arizona Corporation that is made up of community members and representatives from businesses, organizations, and local, state and federal agencies who live and work in Graham and Greenlee counties. Our partners come from many different backgrounds and are spread across a wide geographical region, but are united by the determination to protect and improve the quality and quantity of our water, and improve the condition of the Upper Gila Watershed of Arizona.
Planning for our Watershed is Important
Our watershed issues affect everything we do. Both the quality and quantity of our water plays an important part in our lives. While we live in a rich rural environment, we have issues that include impaired rivers, soil erosion, invasive weeds, and flooding.
We Make Things Happen
We are the only organization in the Upper Gila Watershed that has the ability to work within and across physical, political, social, economic, cultural, and geographic boundaries to make things happen. This is key to being able to address major issues and implement lasting solutions. We design programs and projects to address our issues and seek funding to implement them. Examples of our work include habitat restoration, invasive plant removal, native plant propagation, sealing of saline wells, erosion control, fluvial geomorphology assessment, river cleanups, E. coli reduction projects, off-riparian wells, water conservation education programs, removal of levees and restored functionality in waterways, youth engagement, and much more.
Our Goals
To conserve natural resources
To enhance the environment for all users
To maintain or improve the local economy
To increase recreational opportunities
To increase water quantity
To improve water quality
To prevent or minimize damage from large storms, floods, and other natural disasters

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