A New Vision
We are shaping a new vision for our watershed, one that includes improvements to our environment, economy, and quality of life for all members of the community. You are a big part of that vision! In order to realize our vision, it’s important that we effectively share ideas to cultivate and curate best-available knowledge.

Additional Resources – External Links

Upper Gila Shared History Timeline

Arizona NEMO

ADEQ Water Quality Improvement Grant Department

Arizona Water Protection Fund

Arizona Department of Agriculture Livestock and Crop Conservation Grant Program

AZ Water Settlements Act Overview

USGS Flow Gauges in AZ

U of A Water Resources Research Center – Upper Gila Planning 

Additional Resources – Publications

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Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Report

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Gila River Riparian Restoration Framework

National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration 2015-2020

Status of Danaus plexippus (Monarch Butterfly) Population in Arizona

Atlas of the Upper Gila River Watershed

Wet Water and Paper Water in the Upper Gila River Watershed

A satellite model of Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax traillii extimus) breeding habitat and a simulation of potential effects of tamarisk leaf beetles (Diorhabda spp.), southwestern United StatesA Seed Strategy for the Madrean Archipelago

A Seed Strategy for the Madrean Archipelago