The Gila Native Plant Nursery

Growing Hardy Plants for an Arid Environment

Established in 2013 to help provide cottonwood and willows to replace invasive salt cedar on the Gila River, the Gila Native Plant Nursery has quickly become a regional leader in providing locally-adapted plant materials for much more than riparian applications. Working side-by-side with restoration practitioners, our horticulture and restoration staff have adapted traditional horticultural practices to provide hardy plants for arid environmental conditions.

Rooted in Partnerships

From the very beginning, the Gila Native Plant Nursery grew out of strong partnerships with a diverse group of folks all dedicated to ensuring an adequate supply of locally-adapted plants. Our founding partners, the Bureau of Land Management – Safford Field Office, Eastern Arizona College, and the Gila Watershed Partnership continue to provide significant and ever-present support.

The Gila Native Plant Nursery is equipped with a large greenhouse, a shade annex, two large water harvesting tanks, and a cottonwood and willow coppicing field.

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The Gila Native Plant Nursery
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