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River cleanup, fund-raiser in future for GWP

By Ken Showers, Copper Era – November 11, 2019

CLIFTON — The Gila Watershed Partnership has been very busy this fall season, and there’s more to come.

On Saturday, Nov. 23, the GWP will be sponsoring another of its successful San Francisco River cleanups.

The event begins at Riverside Park in Clifton starting at 8 a.m. and will run until noon.

“The beautiful San Francisco River is designated an important bird habitat and is a hot spot for the local community to recreate,” the GWP wrote in announcing the cleanup. “Unfortunately, it is also designated an impaired waterway because of high levels of E. coli, a bacteria that can be harmful to humans. River cleanups are one of the ways we work together to improve water quality.”

Over dozens of cleanup efforts, the GWP has pulled thousands of pounds of trash out of the San Francisco River and made sizable efforts to reduce E. Coli levels via installation of restrooms and fencing of cattle...Read more

Third restroom installed along San Francisco River

By Ken Showers, Copper Era – October 27, 2019

GREENLEE—This month marks another milestone in the ecological recovery of the San Francisco River, thanks to the efforts of a local organization.

The Gila Watershed Partnership completed the installation of a third public restroom facility along the river this month. It’s one of several efforts the group and its partners have undertaken in order to reduce the level of E. coli bacteria present in the San Francisco River. “The third restroom was installed to provide increased access for rivergoers to restroom facilities,” GWP Director Melanie Tluczek told the Copper Era. “The San Francisco River is a beautiful place and a community asset, and this will allow people to enjoy the river while having nearby facilities so they can help keep it clean.”Read more

Native Plant Society coming to Graham, Greenlee

By David Sowders, Eastern Arizona Courier – October 16, 2019

SAFFORD — With rising local interest in learning about native plants and their uses in gardens and landscaping, some Gila Watershed Partnership (GWP) staffers are putting together a new chapter of the Arizona Native Plant Society in the Graham and Greenlee county area.

The Arizona Native Plant Society, formed in 1976, aims to promote knowledge, appreciation, conservation and restoration of Arizona native plants and their habitats.

“We focus on arid land plants that are not invasive to the landscape,” Gila Watershed Partnership Science and Outreach Manager Kara Barron said. “We’d like to show people how these plants can work for them and how they can enjoy them when they’re out in nature.”Read more

GWP Native Plant Sale a growing success

By Ken Showers, Copper Era – October 7, 2019

Ken Showers Photo/Copper Era

SAFFORD — The Gila Watershed Partnership’s Fall Plant Sale returned last weekend, bigger and better than ever.

The sale marks the second this year in the group’s inaugural year of plant sales.

Guests from as far Greenlee and Cochise counties numbered among those who arrived to take advantage of the many botanical offerings, according to Native Plant Nursery Manager Steve Plath. The GWP had found success at the spring plant sale; and by all accounts the first day of the fall sale exceeded even those numbers.Read more

A ‘mad race’ for San Simon Valley grass

By David Sowders, Eastern Arizona Courier – September 26, 2019

David Sowders Photo/Eastern Arizona Courier

SAFFORD — Arizona pioneer Will C. Barnes, who visited the San Simon Valley in 1882 looking for a ranch site, recalled its grass-covered meadows.

“Everywhere on the more open areas those fine stock grasses, black, blue and hairy gramas, grow luxuriantly,” Barnes wrote. “Here and there along the wash were tracts of alkali land on which sacaton touched my stirrups.

“To an embryo stockman this San Simon Valley was indeed a promised land,” Barnes added.Read more

Gila Watershed Partnership Presented 2019 Excellence in Reclamation Award

Gila Valley Central – September 24, 2019

Kara Barron and Steve Plath (Photo by Julie Davis)

SAFFORD, AZ  – The Mining and Minerals Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) presented the 2019 Excellence in Reclamation Awards to two projects. One of those awards was presented to Gila Watershed Partnership, Freeport McMoRan Chino Mines, Borderlands Restoration Network, and Bat Conservation International for their successful “Agave Roundup in Grant County” project that salvaged more than 750 agave plants for use in mine reclamation areas and non-mining areas for the benefit of improved bat habitat and environmental awareness..Read more

GWP plant sale returns this October

By Ken Showers, The Copper Era – September 10, 2019

Ken Showers Photo/Copper Era

SAFFORD — The Gila Watershed Partnership’s successful plant sale is making a return early next month at the Gila Native Plant Nursery.

The sale is scheduled for Oct. 4-5, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The GWP is promising more than 5,000 different native and “drought-tolerant” plants for sale.

“Landscape your yard with native plants. Plant your own pollinator garden or plant the ultimate, carefree desert landscape with cacti and succulents,” the GWP wrote in announcing the next sale.

At its previous plant sale in April, the GWP did steady business attracting a sizable group of buyers interested in the available plants that included shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables and succulents.Read more

Thank you Valley Telecom!

August 2019

GWP would like to give a big thank you to Valley Telecom for underwriting the construction costs in bringing a fiber-optic internet connection to our new headquarters at EAC Discovery Park Campus! Valley Telecom is a home-grown company that got its start by bringing telephone services to farmers and ranchers in our corner of Arizona and New Mexico. They continue their loyalty and customer service ethics to this day, and we are proud to work with them! Learn more about Valley Telecom

GWP talks about the river during library presentation

By Ken Showers, The Copper Era – August 27, 2019

Ken Showers Photo/Copper Era

Last week, the Gila Watershed Partnership asked people, “Have you heard what’s happening at the river?”

The GWP invited the public last Tuesday to a presentation by Science & Outreach Manager Kara Barron to bring the state of the river to the people.

Held at the Clifton Library, the presentation was well attended by the public.

Barron started with basics, describing exactly what is a watershed to the public and the mission of the GWP.

“Your watershed is the Upper Gila, and that’s this group’s focus,” Barron said.

She asked them what they thought they’d find on the San Francisco River. Trash was one of the replies, and Barron agreed. That’s why the GWP has been monitoring the condition of the river, thanks to a grant from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality….Read more